3 Ways Alcohol Consumption Sabotages Your Weight Loss

How drinking alcohol affects weight loss

The holidays are over. You likely attended several parties with too many treats and flowing champagne. Like many people, you now want to lose weight and shape up. You know it’s time to clean up your diet and hit the gym.

Your weight loss clinic can give you a great eating plan, but how about guidelines for drinking alcohol? Many people opt for “Dry January” to reset after holiday overindulgence.

While you may not need to become a teetotaler, it’s essential to understand how drinking alcohol can sabotage your weight loss. 

1. Empty Calories 

Most alcoholic drinks provide no vitamins or minerals. While those mixed with fruit or juice may give small amounts of nutrients, they’re filled with sugar. A frozen margarita will set you back about 500 calories and 24 grams of sugar. Pina Coladas are around 400 calories. They’re yummy—but the epitome of empty calories.

If you’re working hard with a weight loss clinic to shed extra pounds, you must avoid these types of cocktails. Not only do they contain a ton of calories and sugar, but they also increase your appetite by spiking your blood sugar. You may end up eating and drinking hundreds, or even thousands, of extra calories at one sitting with these types of drinks.

If you want a drink, dry wines, light beers, and spirits mixed with sugar-free mixers all clock in at 100 calories with less than 8 grams of sugar. Limit yourself to one or two.

2. Wrecks Your Hormones

Weight loss isn’t only about calories in, calories out. There are other factors, including the hormone balance in your body. Testosterone has a positive impact on weight loss by boosting your metabolism—even for women.

Research shows that alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels and, in turn, metabolic rates, making it difficult to lose fat and gain lean muscle mass. 

If you are doing everything else right, but still having problems losing weight, cut out all alcohol, and see if weight loss becomes more manageable. 

3. Lowers Inhibitions

Have you ever wondered why alcohol-fueled Facebook posts are so awkward? Or why you want to hit up Taco Bell for a Nachos Bell Grande a night out?

It’s because alcohol lowers your inhibitions. That’s just a fancy way of saying: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Even one or two drinks can relax your thinking enough to wreck your diet. Especially if you are in a party situation with tempting goodies everywhere.

If you’re having a difficult time controlling yourself in social situations, eliminate alcohol, or severely limit your intake. Keep healthy snacks handy in case you get the munchies and drink plenty of water to blunt your appetite.

Get Help from a Weight Loss Clinic

If you need more tips and tricks to keep from sabotaging your weight loss, drop by one of Healthy Steps’ weight loss clinics or call us today at 818-346-2944. 

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