How to Avoid Temptation Around Halloween

The spookiest night of the year is also one of the most challenging nights for those of us trying to watch our weight. According to the National Retail Federation, nearly 70% of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year. A whopping $2.6 billion is expected to be spent on candy during the holiday. The candy displays in stores, kids coming home with treats, and workplace parties are just a few of the ways our willpower is tested come October.

Navigating the temptations of Halloween is possible with a little extra planning and insight into your personal weak spots.

1. Don’t Buy Your Favorite Candy

First, when buying treats for trick or treaters, purchase candy that is not your personal favorite. By doing so, you physically remove the temptation, reducing the opportunity to indulge all the time. Willpower is only so strong, and a big bag of your favorite candy can be very persuasive. Limit the chances of overdoing it by sticking to treats that you aren’t a fan of, but that your neighborhood kids will enjoy. A related suggestion is to offer non-food treats for neighborhood children.

2. Celebrate Fall by Venturing Outdoors

Another tip to consider during Halloween is to get out and take in the fall weather through exercise. Head out to a local park for a run, or drive out to the mountains for a hike. In many areas, the changing fall foliage offers beautiful landscapes to enjoy. Physical activity is an excellent way to stay healthy and help bring balance to your life. Getting into an exercise routine in the fall can actually kickstart habits that you maintain throughout the holiday season.

3. Enjoy Treats But Set Personal Boundaries

Next, give yourself permission to enjoy the festivities by setting a limit on how much candy you will eat. If you know avoiding candy completely is not an option, it’s best to set some guardrails for yourself. By doing so, you create a plan of action that you can follow when faced with a tempting situation.

Any limits should apply across the entire week and in all settings (yes, that includes sneaking candy out of your kid’s stash). Limits are at your discretion, but a good place to start is allowing one piece of candy per day during the week of Halloween. As November begins though, don’t let the candy habit continue. Many offices are notorious for employees who bring in leftover Halloween candy. These leftovers present challenges for anyone trying to manage their candy intake.

4. Focus on Non-Food Related Activities

Finally, set a goal to focus on the non-food aspects of Halloween. Many of the most enjoyable parts of this holiday have nothing to do with eating, and instead, help you build connections with those around you. Talk to colleagues or your family about making a group costume. Go to an autumn harvest festival. Carve a pumpkin or make a scarecrow to decorate your front yard. Putting energy towards these activities will help distract you from Halloween foods, and also help you get in touch with the Halloween spirit.

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