How to Diet Without Acting Like a Grinch This Christmas

how to diet during christmas holidays

You’re sticking to your weight loss diet this holiday season. That’s good news. The bad news is the creamy pumpkin pies, rich gravy, buttery yeast rolls, and free-flowing wine.  

Not only are you tempted at parties, but everyone in the office has heaps of candy around. Your friends and neighbors are bringing platters of cookies to your house and you’re hanging by a thread. 

At our California weight loss clinic, we don’t think you should suffer through the season, rejecting every party invitation and hiding in a cave until it’s all over. You can enjoy the season and stick to your diet

A Grinchy Appetite

You don’t want a heart that’s two sizes too small—but you do want an appetite that is. No diet is ever successful in the long-term if you are famished all the time, especially around goodies. There are several ways to help keep your appetite in check:

  • Drink plenty of water and other low/no-calorie drinks throughout the day. Hunger is often dehydration in disguise.
  • Eat plenty of fibrous foods to fill you up; leafy greens, chia seeds, coconut, mushrooms, and cauliflower are good examples.
  • Don’t eat simple carbs like candy or white flour. Simple carbs spike your blood sugar and your appetite. Only eat simple carbs as occasional treats. 
  • High-quality, lean protein, and healthy fats will keep you fuller longer.
  • Make your food appealing and delicious when you eat. Experiment with seasonings and sauces to spice things up. 
  • Get additional support from a professional weight loss team, like the one here at Healthy Steps. 

Roast Beast and Other Good Selections

We know Whoville loves the roast beast and Who-pudding, but what are the best foods for you to eat?  

One great strategy is to eat lightly (but don’t starve!) before a party and eat the majority of your daily calories at the event. Lean protein is a great choice. Turkey, ham, chicken, lean cuts of beef and duck should be the first thing you eat to fill you up and blunt a blood sugar spike. The rest of your plate should be veggies, fruit, and nuts. All of these are healthy, filling, tasty, and plentiful at most parties.

Don’t feel like you have to skip dessert. See if you can find angel food cake, chocolate truffles, yogurt parfaits, pumpkin/sweet potato pie or fruit salad to indulge. If you absolutely must have a rich, high-calorie choice, split it with a friend. 

These Boots are Made for Walking

This is the time of year when we break out our favorite boots to wear. Just don’t skip the walking part. No, you can’t exercise off a chocolate chip cookie binge. Still, exercise is a great way to keep yourself away from the pantry, burn a few calories, and tone up. 

If you can exercise, don’t skip it just because it’s the holidays. Even a brisk 30-minute daily walk is a fantastic way to stay on track. 

Before you do any form of exercise, you should always check with your doctor and your Healthy Steps Support team. 

Don’t Let the Diet Grinch Steal Your Christmas

When you are losing weight or are on a program from our California weight loss clinic, don’t let dieting ruin your fun. Though food is a large part of celebrations, get-togethers are more about fellowship and strengthening human bonds than food.  

Try and concentrate on people, not food. Stay away from the food—especially any triggers– and walk around the party talking to different people. This will help you consume fewer calories and get you towards your weight goal faster. 

By being mindful, you can enjoy the holidays without the Grinch stealing your joy. 

To learn how you can start dropping weight, drop by one of our clinics or speak with one of our Health Steps support teams today.

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