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picky eater healthy weight loss
Children are often picky eaters. They don’t like slimy green things (like most vegetables), and they refuse to try new foods. Luckily, most of us grow out of that phase and learn to enjoy a balanced diet.  But not everyone.  At our California weight loss clinics, we teach our clients to eat intuitively while sticking...
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good carbs vs bad carbs
Food isn’t our enemy, and it seems like we have so many choices to make. Our intuitive eating plan for you at our California weight loss clinics is designed to help you make healthier choices.  Lean protein helps maintain your muscle mass and keep your organs healthy. Fats are essential for cell growth, hormone production,...
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lose weight after pregnancy
The media (especially here in California) is obsessed with celebrities that are back in their size two jeans just days or weeks after giving birth. Not only is this unrealistic for mere mortals, but it’s also not healthy. Your body has gone through a traumatic event, and you’ve probably gained 25-35 pounds (or more). It’s...
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Weight loss myths
We all know someone who believes everything they read on the internet about food and nutrition.  They’ll read on a forum that gluten makes you fat and bloated, so now they’re a gluten-free zealot. The next week it’s dairy, meat, or eggs that are bad for you. Before long, they’re living off raw broccoli and...
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learn to crave healthy foods
It’s one thing to eat healthy because you feel you must. However, it’s something else to actually crave healthy food. I mean… who does that? If thinking about healthy food brings up visions of stringy boiled chicken with raw broccoli, you’re not alone. Many who seek help at our California weight loss clinic have the...
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why you should drink more water to lose weight
Water is essential to life, and if you want to lose weight and get your health back, then you need to start focusing on drinking more water and staying hydrated. When you stay hydrated and drink more water it can have a significant impact on your weight. Below are four interesting ways water supports a...
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how to diet during christmas holidays
You’re sticking to your weight loss diet this holiday season. That’s good news. The bad news is the creamy pumpkin pies, rich gravy, buttery yeast rolls, and free-flowing wine.   Not only are you tempted at parties, but everyone in the office has heaps of candy around. Your friends and neighbors are bringing platters of cookies...
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drinks to avoid to lose weight
When it comes to managing weight, keeping a close eye on what you drink is often overlooked. However, beverages can make a meaningful impact on your overall nutrition. In some cases, calories are hidden in drinks that seem healthy. Taking stock of what you drink, and making appropriate changes is a worthwhile step in your...
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Shop Healthy at the grocery store hack
The average American household spends about $4,300 per year at a grocery store. These dollars go towards a wide variety of food and beverages, but have you stopped to think about how we make decisions at supermarkets? Grocery stores are designed with two primary purposes: first, to keep food fresh, and second, to encourage us...
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