Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy

lose weight after pregnancy

The media (especially here in California) is obsessed with celebrities that are back in their size two jeans just days or weeks after giving birth. Not only is this unrealistic for mere mortals, but it’s also not healthy. Your body has gone through a traumatic event, and you’ve probably gained 25-35 pounds (or more). It’s not coming off in a week.

Doctors recommend six weeks of recuperation after a normal birth before resuming regular activity. So, relax, heal, and enjoy this time with your new baby.

But what do you do when a few months later the baby weight is refusing to budge? This every new mom’s nightmare. 

This is a problem we often see often at our California weight loss clinics. It may seem like you will never get your pre-baby body back. Don’t despair—you can! You’ve come to the right place for help. 

Here are our top tips for losing weight after pregnancy and getting back to your pre-baby weight: 

Take Inventory of Your Diet

Who knows why a tiny 10-pound human can cause so much stress and havoc in a household, but boy do they ever! You’re just trying to survive, and it’s so easy to get caught in a trap of fast food meals or constant snacking. If you haven’t made any progress with weight loss yet, it’s time to take a ruthless inventory of what you’re eating. Except for limited treats, you know you need to cut out fast food, sugary carbs, and unhealthy fats.

If you’re breastfeeding, don’t drastically cut calories until your baby is weaned. However, you can transition to a diet based on lean protein, healthy fats, and plant sources. If you’re not breastfeeding, it’s time to cut calories. For time-crunched moms, many grocery stores deliver groceries for a small fee. Stay out of the store to avoid temptation.

We know appetite control can be a real problem. Our California weight loss clinics can help you with strategies and medication to help you stay on track.

Work it, Baby!

Yeah, we know your baby keeps you busy and moving. However, your body needs structured exercise to get those muscles toned up and back in shape. Your core muscles especially take the brunt of pregnancy. If you don’t want to leave the baby home, the two of you can get some fresh air and sunshine with a brisk walk every day for 20-30 minutes and five minutes of core work afterward.

If you want to get motivation from other moms, consider joining a stroller exercise class, or join a gym with a nursery. Many gyms have classes designed for new moms.

Of course, always speak with your doctor or weight loss specialist before beginning any exercise routine. 

Sleep on it

We know this is a tough one. Rest is very hard to come by in the first few months. However, losing weight while being sleep deprived is almost impossible. Not only does lack of sleep throw off your hormones, but it also makes you much more likely to cave in on your diet. Humans don’t work well without deep, restorative sleep. Too bad the baby doesn’t know that.

If you’re not getting the sleep you need, it’s time to make it a priority. Ask for help from a partner or parents. Take naps. Sleep more on the weekends.

Develop good sleeping habits like avoiding blue light before bed and talk to your doctor if you’re stressed with sleep deprivation.

Get Serious 

If your doctor has given you the green light to resume normal activity and you’re struggling to reclaim your body, come in and talk to one of our support team members here at Healthy Steps.

If you are not already a member of Healthy Steps and are ready to get your body back, stop into one of our clinics today to get started or contact us to learn more.

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