Online Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss, now online

Get expert medical help with losing weight using our unique online service

For over 30 years, Healthy Steps has specialized in rapid weight loss in a medically supervised environment. Thousands of patients have lost weight through our in-person clinics, and have become healthier and happier as a result. Many of our patients lose up to 20 lbs in the first month.

Now, we are making this same program available online, complete with the educational materials, close medical supervision, and medications you need to lose weight quickly and easily.

Our entire telemedicine package  is available to you at the SAME price as our clinic visits. It includes a digital scale for weight and body composition, and medications shipped directly to your home.

Startup visit is just $75, including an online telemedicine consultation, digital scale, and the first week of medicine.

A short review of our program is here.

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Our approach to weight loss is very simple and easy to follow.

Unlike other more complicated and restrictive programs, you won’t be doing any calorie counting. You will still be able to eat a wide variety of foods, and you shouldn’t feel deprived.

Instead, we simply teach you to eat like a thin person.

Start Losing Weight this Week

Get Straight to the Source of What’s Causing Weight Gain.

Our science-backed program helps your body return to its natural regulation of hunger and intuitive eating, and back to the healthy weight you’re meant to be. Whether you need to lose 20 pounds or 100 pounds, our clinical weight loss program jumpstarts your progress and helps you achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss.

Our Virtual Program Includes:

  • Virtual office visits by phone or video at convenient hours.
  • A digital scale sent to your home to accurately measure and track your weight loss and body fat, soon with direct uploads into our system.
  • Training videos to help you with changing your environment, your eating habits, and developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Educational material with important insights into how you became overweight, how to reverse the process, and how to maintain your results long-term.
  • A variety of medications are available in order to help you control hunger, and put you back in charge of your eating and your life. These will be mailed to you with special packaging and with tracking numbers.
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