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The Healthy Steps Lessons for Weight Loss


We want to welcome you to Healthy Steps, where we’ve developed the Healthy Steps Program. We are a medical weight loss clinic in the Los Angeles area and we are dedicated to helping you achieve rapid weight loss results in a healthy manner.

In this weight loss course you will learn some of the steps we teach our members so they can reach their weight loss goals, fast.

Our approach to weight loss is very simple and easy to follow.

Unlike other more complicated and restrictive programs, you won’t be doing any calorie counting or be told what you can and cannot eat. With the Healthy Steps Program, you will still be able to eat all of your favorite foods, and you shouldn’t feel deprived.

Instead, we simply teach you to eat like a thin person.

The first step in our program is understanding the difference between true hunger, when your body really needs food, versus hunger caused by triggers. Understanding the difference between the two will make a world of difference in your weight loss journey, and your ability to maintain your results.

So, What is a Trigger?

A trigger is a situation that makes you feel like you want to eat even though your body doesn’t actually need food. This is something we all experience, but understanding how to recognize these triggers can help you avoid them and refrain from unnecessary eating.

There are two types of main triggers and learning what these triggers are, and how to respond to them is key in developing better eating habits. Most triggers are either internal or external and can pop-up when we least expect them.

Internal triggers

These are feelings people experience such as boredom, anxiety, stress, or sadness, that propel one to eat. When people experience internal triggers, they use food to feel better even though their body does not actually feel hunger. You first need to recognize that this situation is temporary and food only helps at the moment and that moment will pass.

External triggers

These are feelings of hunger you experience from being around food. These include restaurants, parties, workplaces, or where anyone is cooking. In these situations, people may eat just because food is nearby and accessible, but not because they are experiencing real hunger. This typically happens during social situations and not because you need to eat. With these triggers, it can be best to remove yourself from the situation, thus removing temptation.

Another habit that triggers us to eat is meal time. Many of us eat simply because it is time to eat, rather than because we are hungry. We are trained to think that we need to be sure to eat breakfast because it is breakfast time, lunch just because it is lunchtime, and again because it is dinner time. If you are not hungry, you shouldn’t eat just because it is meal time. If you, you are eating for the wrong reasons.

Food is fuel for your body, and if your body doesn’t need fuel, it will instead store it as fat, causing you to gain weight.

In our weight loss course, we teach you how to redirect yourself away from those triggers and learn only to eat when your body truly needs food.

The Benefits of Incorporating Fasting Into Your Diet

To jumpstart your weight loss, we usually recommend three days of fasting, followed by a variation of intermittent fasting that has been determined between you and our team.

This step should only be done after you’ve visited our weight loss clinic and spoken to a weight loss doctor who specializes in weight management.

Intermittent fasting has many health benefits, and studies suggest that it can:

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  • Boost your immune system.
  • Reduce fat.
  • Lengthen your lifespan.

Three days of fasting may sound impossible, but hundreds of our patients have done it, and they typically feel better at the end of the three days than they did at the beginning!

Plus, you won’t be doing it alone, and we will help you through it without any of the negative side effects.

During these three days, you will not feel sick, weak, or dizzy, and you will be drinking plenty of water.

And I know what you are thinking…

Three days of fasting sounds impossible!

And in many cases, it would be.

However, with the Healthy Steps Program, it is different. At our weight loss clinic, we use a safe, FDA-approved medication to reduce hunger and make fasting through the three days not only possible but easy.

The weight loss medication that we use is FDA-approved, safe, effective, and has been used in the United States for over 60 years.

Main Takeaways from The Healthy Steps Program

  • Lose weight and keep it off by learning to eat only when your body needs food and is truly hungry
  • Fasting for the first three days can jumpstart your weight loss and get you to your goal faster
  • Phentermine will help you stay on the program longer and ease you into your developing habits

Read through the following weight loss lessons to get a deeper insight into the Healthy Steps Program and what we teach at our weight loss clinic.

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